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Babylon for .NET projects

Babylon offers native support for .NET projects. All .NET projects types (Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, etc.) can be directly added to a Babylon solution. Special .NET related features make localization with Babylon hassle free. Never localize in Visual Studio again!

Direct Generation of Satellite Assemblies

Babylon directly generates Satellite Assemblies from a Bablylon solution. This means you no longer have to manage ResX files for every language in Visual Studio. With Bayblon only the invariant language remains in the Visual Studio project. All localisation takes place directly in Babylon and localized files don't need to be imported back in Visual Studio since Satellite Assemblies can be generated directly by Babylon. Generation of signed Satellite Assembly is fully supported.

Direct Satellite Assembly generation

Write ResX files

Once translation is completed the resource strings can be written back to the Visual Studio project. Babylon will automatically generate valid resource strings for every language and also update the invariant language. While the preferred way to localize C# and VB.NET projects is to directly generate Satellite Assemblies in certain situations it is usefull to write resource files for all langauages and use Visual Studio to build the project with all associated satellite assemblies.

Write resx files

String Extraction from Source Code

String Extraction is a real live saver if you need to localize an application not developed using resource strings. String Extraction scans all the source code for string literals and displays them in a grid so they can be selected to be converted into resource string in a ResX file. The source code is automatically changed to read the string from the generated resource string. String Extraction can also be used to quickly verify if source code contains string literals that need to be moved to resources.

Automatic string extraction

Windows.Forms Preview

Form Preview will show a preview of the form to be translated just like it is shown in Visual Studio. Any translation is immediately reflected in the preview giving immediated feedback about the quality of the translation. Babylon parses ResX files and .designer.cs/vb files and recreates the form in memory. This makes sure over 99% of forms will display correctly even if third party UI components are used. Forms are fully functional. Dropdowns can be opened, tab pages navigated, it is even possible to type text into textboxes so that a true test of the form is possible.

Windows.Forms preview