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Babylon for Angular projects

ngx-translate and i18n localization

Use a Generic project with the ngx-translate resource provider to localize projects using ngx-translate.

Native support for Angular projects using the standard Angular internationalization method "i18n" without all the hassle of generating xlf files, merging files and building localized builds. Babylon will do all this for you.

Why use Babylon

Angular internationalization (i18n) is somewhat combersome. To create a localized build you need to use xi18n to extract the strings from source code, use xliffmerge to merge existing translations with newly added strings, copy and rename the XLF file to create additional languages, use an Xliff editor to translate and finally generate a localized build.

Babylon will perform all these operations for you in the background and you can translate directly in Babylon using all the advanced features that make translating and verifyng so much easier. No need for any other tool.

Importing strings

Babylon's Synchronize command starts Angular's xi18n extract tool in the background to extract all strings to an XLF file which is then parsed to import the strings. Things like custom ID's, comments and interpolations are imported as well.

Angular synchronization

Write localized XLF files

Angular requires localized XLF files to perform a localized build. When translating is done the Write Resources command will generate a localized XLF file for each languages which is then used in the build process.

Write resx files

ICU Message Editor

The ICU message editor makes translating Angular interpolations much easier. The editor prevents the translator from accidentally modifying the interpolation and thus from potentially causing a program crash.

Write resx files

Direct Angular builds

Generating localized XLF files and then setup the build process is time consuming and unneccessary. Babylon can directly build localized Angular builds. Just setup your build parameters once and build all languages in one go.

Angular Build supports important build options such as Production and AOT directly. Any build option available in Angular can be specified using the build options file.

Angular build